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methodology that our students are trained and certified in

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What differentiates us from the other "gurus"

We didn't just buy our first business course a month ago and decided to call ourselves business experts, even though that seems to be the common thing to do nowadays, haha. Nor have we started a year, two or three ago. Instead, Szabo stumbled into business & the world of self help (think Tony Robbins) at the ripe age of 11 (2009) and opened his agency later in 2015. By 19, he was self-made millionaire and since then we've had the privilege of working with over thousands of high ticket clients & helping them generate over $100M in sales next to building two of our own 7-figure ventures.

Here's just a small fraction of our agency clients' results.

DISCLAIMER: RESULTS VARY. Clients are never compensated for their testimonials. Results vary based on work ethic, background and many other variables, therefore we do not promise any particular outcomes.

$1.3M into $2.6M - Course Business​

$30k In 7 Days - Internet Marketing​

$15K Into $115K - Coaching Business​

+$470K Spent On YouTube Ads At +3X ROI - Course Business​

$80k Purchases on $42k Ad Spend - Ecommerce​

$1,500/days @ 3-5X ROAS - SaaS

$4K in 1.5 week - Real Estate​

$4K in 1.5 week - Real Estate​


$200k Per Month - Fitness Business Coach​


Now At 6 Figures/Month - E-com Coach


Multi 7-Figure Biz Owner - Agency, Agency Coaching & SaaS


7-Figure Solar Coaching Biz

"Peter has helped me triple the results in my business"

Boz Johnson, Solar Entrepreneur